*May contain some spoilers*

Star Wars: The Last Jedi starts right where The Force Awakens ended.  The rebels are now on the run from The First Order and Rey and Luke finally meet…again for the first time.  The Last Jedi doesn’t live up to its predecessor but kudos to the studio for trying to do something different.  It just didn’t work.

The Last Jedi is full of missed opportunities, epic ones.  The film felt empty and made characters like Finn, Snoke, and Rose meaningless.  It’s difficult to go into details because of spoilers but Finn and Rose go on a mission that turns out to be pointless in the end.  Another pointless character is Captain Phasma…once again.  She had more of a purpose in The Force Awakens.  Again, I won’t go into detail but (shaking my head).

Luke is dealing with a lot of stuff in this film.  He doesn’t trust himself or the force anymore and he obviously doesn’t care about the resistance or his sister.  When we think we will finally get to see Luke do something remotely epic, it is taken from us, ripped away and never to be seen again.  Many fans have waited years to see Luke, the Jedi Master do great things now that he can fully use his force powers but instead the studio was like naw, we good.

Rey and Kylo were the strong points to this film.  I really enjoyed their relationship until the end of course.  There’s a turning point in the film where some awesome stuff goes down but then the shift of pace and the ending made it anti-climactic.

With all the hype for this film, I was very disappointed and I feel that justice wasn’t done for certain characters and to the fans.  The film literally has no plot.  We have these characters, new and old and there are things we expect to see, especially from the old ones before this new trilogy ends but we don’t.  I guess my hopes were too high (sigh).

Star Wars: The Last Jedi gets a 5/10!


Chris McCall

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