The biggest anime convention hit NYC last weekend and naturally we could not stay away.  This was our first time at AnimeNYC and we had a good time.  The convention had video games set up on the show floor for guests and fans to play, such as Street Fighter V, Marvel v. Capcom: Infinite, and Tekken 7.  Needless to say, things got heated.

Two of the biggest things there was Sailor Moon and Fullmetal Alchemist.  The Sailor Moon panel featured the full cast, a performance, and giveaways.  Fullmetal Alchemist debut the premiere of the live-action film and director Fumihiko Sori attended as a guest.  It was AWESOME SAUCE!

The highlight for us was the cosplayers. I am always fascinated by fans dedication to portray their favorite characters.  Some build their cosplays and others buy them but whatever the case may be, it’s wonderful and great to see.  Below, we put together a gallery of over 40 photos of people cosplaying at AnimeNYC, which you can check out below.

*If you happen to know or be one of the cosplayers featured please let us know by comment or follow us on Instagram.

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Chris McCall

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