Wonder Woman 2 has received a new release date; a little over a month earlier than previously reported. Warner Bros. has announced Wonder Woman 2 will debut November 1, 2019 instead of its December 13, 2019 initially announced during San Diego Comic-Con 2017. The move makes sense considering Star Wars Episode IX is coming out December 20, 2019 and will pull away much of the audience for that weekend. While Wonder Woman was a hit at the box office, I don’t think it’s quite ready to compete against a franchise as popular as Star Wars.

Gal Gadot will be reprising her role as the Amazonian princess and Patty Jenkins is set to return behind the camera once again. The story is being worked on so we don’t have an idea of what to expect from the sequel but it is believed that her story will continue in the past rather than bringing Princess Diana into the present day plot line of the current universe.

Warner Bros./DC is looking to capitalize off of the massive $821.8 million worldwide success of the first Wonder Woman movie with this Friday’s release of the Justice League film. If JL is even a decent box office hit then audiences can expect to see Gadot in this role for years to come.

Wonder Woman 2 reaches theaters November 1, 2019.

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