I knew they were going to do it….ok, I didn’t know for sure but I speculated once I saw the Halloween Chapter and they did it! Dead By Daylight has made an A Nightmare On Elm Street chapter for its highly touted horror game series.

Dead By Daylight is an asymmetrical horror video game for PC where players choose to compete as a Survivor or a Killer in a battle to see who the last one standing will be at night’s end. There are 4 separate chapters for the series but Halloween is currently the only one available for both PC and console.


As a Survivor, your main objective is to escape the level through one of two metal gates. To be able to escape, Survivors must repair generators. These generators are scattered across the level. To be able to open the gate, a minimum of five generators must be repaired. This in turn activates the gates and Survivors can now open a gate and escape.

The Killer’s main objective is to stop the Survivors. This is done by catching them and hanging them from one of the Meat Hooks found in the level. Killers cannot die, but will fail if the Survivors manage to escape. Killers can’t scavenge for items, but they can complete their own Daily Rituals

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Dead By Daylight: A Nightmare On Elm Street Chapter is available now for PC. Other chapters of the Dead By Daylight series are available for Steam, Xbox One, and Playstation4.

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