Disney star Asher Angel has landed the role of Billy Batson opposite of Zackary Levi’s Captain Marvel for DC’s Shazam! 

Billy Batson can transform himself into an adult superhero by saying the word “Shazam!”.  The name is actually an acronym of ancient world gods: S – Solomon, H – Hercules, A – Atlas, Z – Zeus, A – Achilles, M – Mercury.

The project is set to start production early 2018, with Mark Strong in talks to play the villain.  So, don’t expect Dwayne Johnson’s, Black Adam.

Shazam will be the next movie in the DCEU movie to be released by Warner Bros. after Suicide Squad 2 and Aquaman.  Shazam! is expected to hit theaters in April 2019 and filming will begin February until May in Toronto.


Chris McCall

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