The galaxy spanning  battle that connects three eras of iconic characters is coming soon and EA has released a launch trailer for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront II. Check out the trailer below, then read on for further game details.

Take on the role of Commander Iden Versio as the story of Star Wars continues after the destruction of the Death Star. Voiced by actress Janina Gavankar (True Blood, Sleepy Hollow) Iden was born and bred on Vardos, an entirely new planet in the Star Wars universe. Vardos, a sleek, sterile looking world, represents the utopian vision of Imperial rule. To Iden and the citizens of Vardos, the Empire symbolizes structure, peace, and order. The Rebellion represents chaos, a terrorist organization that threatens the safety of the galaxy. Live the untold Star Wars story of Iden, an elite Stormtrooper, in an original single-player story. Battle on land and in space in an expanded multiplayer experience with iconic heroes and villains, thrilling space battles, and a deep progression and customization system.


Early access to play Star Wars Battlefront II on November 14

Upgraded versions of all 4 trooper classes (Officer, Assault, Heavy, and Specialist)

4 epic ability upgrades, one for each trooper class

Instant weapon unlocks and weapon modifications for each trooper class

Exclusive Kylo Ren and Rey themed looks, inspired by Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Epic ability modifiers for Kylo Ren and Rey

An epic ability modifier for the Millennium Falcon


The prequels, original trilogy, and new era meet in an expanded multiplayer experience and galactic-scale space combat. Play iconic heroes that bring distinct abilities to the battlefront – or join the fight in an emotionally-gripping single player story. Your Star Wars hero’s journey has begun.


Star Wars Battlefront II will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC November 17, 2017!

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