The Mother Boxes will be featured in this year’s Justice League but what exactly are they? Here is your comprehensive guide to a Mother Box and exactly what it does.

Mother Boxes are sentient supercomputers created by the New God Himon from New Genesis. The computers contain highly developed machinery and seem to be able to think for themselves like artificial intelligence. The most likely reason for this would be because of Himan’s experimentation with Element X in his creation of the Mother Box. Only beings from New Genesis or Apokolips are capable of constructing a Mother Box.


The Mother Boxes range in size and shape; some are the shape of a portable brick and others have been the shape of a cube. All of the New Genesian, New Gods have a Mother Box specific to them. The Boxes have been shown to form a unique connection with its user. They emit a ‘ping’ sound to communicate with its user and the user can understand what it is saying. Mother Boxes are also capable of healing injuries as is the case with Cyborg of the Justice League. If the owner of a Mother Box dies then it will self-destruct and the Box may sacrifice itself in aid of a cause it ‘feels’ strongly about.

One of the primary uses for a Mother Box is to access a Boom Tube. Boom Tubes are portals that can transport one or many beings directly from one point to another. Essentially a wormhole is created which cuts travel time down to seconds. They can be utilized for interstellar travel or even interdimensional travel. The New Gods typically use them to travel from the Fourth World to the Third World.

Mother Boxes are able to tap into energy from the Source to perform different actions. Here is a list of some of the feats a Mother Box is capable of:

-Telepathic communication

-Energy transferral

-Sustain sentient beings in space

-Mental manipulation

-Manipulation and evolution of machinery

-Heal and if necessary, manipulate a hosts’ physical anatomy

-Open and close Boom tubes

-Merge a number of sentient beings into a singular more powerful being

We will get our first look at the Mother Boxes live in this year’s Justice League film which opens in theaters November 17, 2017!



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