The second trailer for Justice League was unveiled at Comic Con recently and fans got introduced to the new villain, Steppenwolf.

Most audiences may not be familiar with who Steppenwolf is so we’re here to fill you in on everything you need to know before the movie releases.

Steppenwolf is a New God from the Fourth World. The New Gods are beings that hail from both New Genesis and Apokolips, locations that reside in another realm called Fourth World. Every being from the Fourth World is more powerful than the beings from the Third World, the universe where the Justice League exists. Their power and ultimate evolution come from how close they are located to the Source, an ultimate and limitless energy that is shielded by a wall (Source Wall) comprised of all the bodies of beings who have attempted to get past it.

The New Gods came to be, after the war and destruction of an ancient race known as the Old Gods. This war caused the separation of New Genesis and Apokolips from the known universe and into the Fourth World. New Genesis is a world filled with wildlife and forests; directly above it is the floating city Supertown, where the New Gods reside. The complete opposite of New Genesis, Apokolips is destitute of any foliage and inhabited by beaten slaves who spend their days working to advance the technological and military prowess of Apokopolis for its ruler, Darkseid. The New Gods that live on Apokolips are conquerors and rival their counter-parts on New Genesis in every way.

Steppenwolf is a Master General of Darkseid’s army that leads invasions of other worlds to siphon its resources and kidnap most of the beings living there. Those beings are either turned into slaves on Apokolips or transmutated into parademons to be a part of Darkseid’s army. Steppenwolf is extremely durable and strong; he is also masterful in combat and can fight for days on end. His favorite weapon is his axe that is imbued with dark electricity and carries a powerful force behind it. He is fully capable of taking out both Wonder Woman and Superman by himself; he could possibly take out the entire Justice League by himself.

Justice League arrives in theaters November 17, 2017


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