In Marvel comics the Infinity Gems are 6 gems that contain their own unique  abilities and powers. Each gem has been held by powerful beings throughout time but very few have possessed every gem at the same time. Those who have, held the ability to change reality itself to their own personal satisfaction. When all 6 gems are combined together they grant the wielder omnipotent power over everything and everyone. The Gems are fragments of a being that existed during the earliest days of the universe’s existence. This being was so lonely that it split itself into 6 different fragments that became the Infinity Gems.

Here is a breakdown of each original gem and the powers they contain:

Power Gem

The Power Gem grants the wielder strength beyond anything imaginable. It also enhances endurance and durability, as well as all superhuman abilities. Meaning the user gains super sight, hearing, speed, strength and even the ability to fly. When combined with the other gems the power gem becomes a super supplier of energy to all the gems.


Soul Gem

The gem can render a powerful being in a transformed state, normal or can turn any being back into their pre-evolved form. The Soul Gem itself craves the souls of others because it is sentient. With the Soul Gem its holder can also literally rip the soul out of anyone’s body or an opponents spirit can be attacked. Any soul taken can be absorbed into the gem and held in a pocket universe within the gem.


Time Gem

The Time Gem grants control over time. If used properly, time can be sped up, slowed down or stopped completely. The past and future can be peered into as well and physical aging can be slowed down exceedingly. It also can be sped up to the point of an individuals death. If combined with the other gems the Time Gem can make its user forever; existing at every point in time from the beginning to ending of creation.


Mind Gem

The blue Mind Gem is very powerful. Whoever controls the Mind Gem can control others through mental manipulation. Not only that but they will be able to create powerful blasts and shields through the use of telekinesis. Mind reading, mental projections, mental cloaking, and mind wiping are a few of the numerous abilities the Mind Gem can imbue the wielder with. None of these abilities are guaranteed to be accessible with the being who has the gem; they must first learn to control the power within it in order to truly harness the full capabilities.


Space Gem

The Space Gem is one of the most powerful gems of the 6. The user of this gem can manipulate space in many ways and teleport to any location in the universe, even if their is a barrier in the way. At the same time, if used properly, the Space gem allows its user to be in multiple places around the galaxy at one time. When combined with the other gems, the user can be everywhere in the universe simultaneously.


Reality Gem

I saved the best for last. The Reality Gem is the one gem that can change everything known to man. This gem can alter reality in any way the wielder sees fit. On a smaller scale it can turn a telephone into an ice cube or a pen into a tree branch. On a larger scale it can change the laws of gravity, raise the dead or erase all life on a planet. That’s when it isn’t combined with the other gems; when combined with the rest of the Infinity Gems all life can be eradicated in the universe. Something similar to what Thanos did in the Infinity Gauntlet, except he only erased half of the universal population. There is no limit to what the reality gem is capable of performing.

These six Infinity Gems are representative of Marvel comics and not the movie universe where they are referred to as Infinity Stones. Although the powers may be the same or very similar, they each have different names and colors attributed to each gem/stone.


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