The director Matt Reeves, brought a masterpiece on to the big screen. A true ape film in which I can compare to the original film’s level of greatness. Ever since this trilogy reboot has started, I wasn’t that impressed. I did love the films, but every film had something that got me annoyed somehow. The first film, Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes was a great film, but had scenes that made me so angry towards the humans that I could not watch it many times like I normally do when I love movies. The scenes where the film gets good is the actual Rise part which is towards the end, though, it is an origin story and the beginning sometimes tends to make some scenes unbearable to watch. The second film Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, was not good to me because it was more from a human perspective and the main character annoyed me so much. It felt like he was trying so hard to be Caeser’s only human friend, the only one who can understand him; like the writers were trying to replace his only true human friend from the first film, Will.

 Now when I saw the trailer of War For The Planet Of The Apes I wasn’t too thrilled to watch it. I was afraid it might be like the second film until another trailer was released, the one with the Colonel talking to Caeser; there is something about that moment that got me intrigued. I didn’t expect to watch perfection, it was everything that I hoped for in a Planet Of The Apes film and there wasn’t any dull moment not even an annoying part. This is 2017’s most emotional film and prepare yourself because throughout the whole story your eyes will not stay dry. It was brilliant the way they used the main words of all the titles (Rise, Dawn and War) in the intro. The significance of equality is greatly tested among a world only seeking one dominant species. This is not about taking sides among humans and apes, it’s about understanding that we all are one and not being what we must be upon seeing in which skin we are born with. Every species wants to survive, to be loved and to belong to a family. Revenge is also tested, it’s not easy to let go of something terrible, but it can blind you, the only thing that might fade away vengeance is the thought of what the repercussions might be for the ones around you. The continuation of sign language among the apes and their expressions made the film more significant, words are a misinterpretation of your true meaning.

 The composer, Michael Giacchino deserves an award! I felt that this was truly the first time the music was an important part of the film. Loved the high volume it had over the scenes and kept every emotion right where it belongs by preparing you for what you were about to watch. The theme was so powerful and breathtaking this should have been the theme from the moment this reboot started. It’s now the best soundtrack I ever heard that is not composed by Hans Zimmer. I also loved how he used certain tones to sound ancient, a feeling that reminded me of the original films. He also composed the second film, it was good, but he didn’t pour his heart out like he did in this one.

 Caeser (Andy Serkis), the way he has flourished throughout the films projecting how hard it is to survive was a prefect way of establishing how hard it is to truly live. It’s good that he suffered through so much because I think about when he was young in the first film, like not really being part of a human life and their responsibilities. Now he knows why humans take certain unexplainable actions. The new cast, loved the Colonel (Woody Harrelson), he was the right actor for the job, what a great unselfish villain torn by what he thinks was right for the human species. This was the perfect villain for the ultimate Caeser storyline. Nova (Amiah Miller), a beautiful mute girl, the reminder of equality and the symbol of pureness without any sort of darkness. She performed amazingly with only using her expressions, so young and so talented. Bad Ape (Steve Zahn), the one who brought the humor, what a great character, he gave this storyline the light that Caeser needed.

 This is a movie to be watched in a movie theater, do not let it pass for any reason, trust me, you will regret it. Especially if you are a fan of the original films in which you will appreciate certain homage moments. If you don’t like these kind of films, please let this be an exception.

I give War For The Planet Of The Apes 10/10!!!!!!!!


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