Dungeon Defenders II, the action-tower defense RPG game by Trendy Entertainment will launch on PlayStation 4 through the PlayStation Store, Windows PC via Steam, and Xbox One through the Xbox Games Store on June 20. 

Dungeon Defenders II was inspired by some of the best tower defense games and RPGs, featuring classic elements like loot, pets, a variety of heroes to level up and more.  Building your defenses is important to surviving against progressively tougher waves of enemies, but executing a strategy together with the other players on your team while fighting actively on the move is just as critical.

The game supports single-player and up to four-player online cooperative game modes, as well as local split screen co-op on consoles. The game will be free-to-play across all platforms, supported by in-game purchases like new heroes, costumes, tower skins, pets, inventory space and more.

Dungeon Defenders II is currently available as Steam Early Access title for Windows PC and is in early access on the PlayStation 4.


Chris McCall

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