Vanity Fair has got the Star Wars: The Last Jedi 4-1-1 on some new characters that director Rian Johnson will introduce in the coming film.  One character revealed is a “shady character” that could be playing both sides, played by Benicio Del Toro.  He goes unnamed in the film but the filmmakers simply call him DJ.


Another new character that fans will meet is Vice Admiral Holdo, played by Laura Dem; she is a prominent officer in the Resistance.  Kelly Marie Tran character Rose Tico was first introduced at the Star Wars Celebration earlier this year, where we did a feature on her.

A new city will be introduced in The Last Jedi as well; Canto Bight, a glittering casino city and described as, “a Star Wars Monte Carlo – type environment, a little James Bond-ish,” by the director.   Rose and Finn will travel to this new city on their own epic adventure.  Johnson added, “It was an interesting challenge, portraying luxury and wealth in this universe.  I was thinking, O.K., let’s go ultra-glamour. Let’s create a playground, basically, for rich assholes”.


The Last Jedi is said to be dark, so Johnson created Canto Bight as a “comic relief” and is also where viewers will get their “multi-species fix”.  “I didn’t want this to be a dirge, a heavy-osity movie,” he said. “So one thing I’ve tried really hard to do is keep the humor in there, to maintain the feeling, amid all the heavy operatic moments, that you’re on a fun ride.”

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will arrive in theaters December 15.


Chris McCall

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