Ridley Scott brought an intense, incredible haunting sequel for Prometheus.  For those who didn’t like Prometheus don’t bother watching this one because it is the same level of horror.  The pace is just perfect, Prometheus and Alien: Covenant became my favorite films from the Alien franchise because I love how the theme of creation is the center of the storyline.  Such a delicate subject in which many have different views depending on how you were raised, it could be by science, by religion or by something else.  No one can tell you that your belief is wrong because no one was there when it started. I don’t choose religion nor science I choose something that can’t be explained, that is why it fascinates me how these movies started with whom created the human beings.  Piece by piece it shows us how the Alien race was created without any sort of rush, makes every scene more engaging.  Not only that but also the interaction between a machine and a human is always intriguing.

The length of how some human beings want to keep creating things thinking they will always have control, no matter how much they think they made it perfect, there are always glitches and those glitches can make them do unpredictable things. I was a little irritated knowing the ending too early because the ending was predictable.  There are three things which seemed unnecessary, making these certain three things important about what could have been an unpredictable twist (the hand part, the cutting hair part and mentioning the word colonist to a non-crew member) all those variables led to the ending not being a twist. Even though it was predictable, the horror of what was happening was still disturbing and horrifying.

The composer Jed Kurzel, kept the music dark and with a relax touch of terror. I was glad to hear the theme from Prometheus and also Jerry Goldsmith’s music from the first Alien film.

The cast was flawless, even though some died too quickly.  In a matter of a few moments, it can easily be known what kind of person some characters were through the grief of their loved ones and the one who got my full attention was Daniels (Katherine Waterston). I was impressed by her quick decisions and I thought she wasn’t a “badass” but she proved me wrong, what an incredible perceptive character, I hope she gets to be in the next sequel. The disturbing part, throughout the whole film, was David (Michael Fassbender), he is such a misunderstood character.  He wasn’t crazy, he is just trying to grasp his meaning through the creation and comprehending why an endangered species are trying to find a way to survive instead of letting it happen so evolution can take place.

*There are no end credit scene*

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