The director, Dean Israelite and crew have done a good job on the reboot though it could have been better. I love the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and this film’s main focus was to pay a beautiful homage to the series many of us loved. I get it, but it has to be done right, there were many reckless scenes, especially when they decided to put the exact original theme song (Go Go Power Rangers) into a scene which made it look very cheesy. They could have modernized the song a little bit and chosen a better scene of the movie to add it. The MegaZord  battle scene was dreadful and all over the place, there was no entertaining moment save for the only cameo appearances. The villain Rita’s development was awful to watch. I love Elizabeth Banks and it wasn’t her performance that bothered me more so than the way she was scripted while in the process of transforming into herself again, which was unbearable to watch. They concentrated too much on hyping up the movie of “The” Power Rangers rather than looking carefully into its storyline.


The intro was incredible, it may have been swift but it was thrilling to watch. The pace was perfect, there was no need to rush the moment when they morphed. What they had to endure in training to be able to morph was one of the best ideas in this film. I would have loved more scenes of their training and learning to trust one another; a key element to them morphing.

The composer, Brian Tyler brought true power with his music. The new theme for the Power Rangers sounds beautiful, it feels like the welcome back to the original Rangers. In the end credits they played (Go Go Power Rangers) and it wasn’t the vocal original theme song I mentioned above, it was the symphony modernize version which was amazing. I wish they would have added that one in the film when they first morphed.


The cast was chosen well but most of their performances were weak, and lacked character development as a whole. To make a superhero team interesting it has to have a balance in their personalities like Billy (RJ Cyler) being autistic, it keeps the group in check for awkward moments and humor.


Since I was a kid, my favorite Power Ranger always has been the Yellow Ranger, and let me be specific I love the Yellow Ranger as Trini (Thuy Trang) not as Aisha (Karan Ashley). The second Yellow Ranger was Aisha and I didn’t like her character for many reasons and mainly because I always thought that my Trini was being replaced and little did I know that at that time the actress who portrayed Trini died. I did try to like Aisha but she was so different, therefore my favorite always has been Trini. Now this new Yellow Ranger, portraying the new version of Trini (Becky G.), gave me back what I love about the Yellow Ranger and I’m grateful. I also love her preferring females over males (sorry for not saying the actual word because I don’t like labels, we all are equals no matter your preference). I also love her mystery from the start and her nickname “Crazy Girl”, it kept me wanting to know more about her.

The post credit scene gave the right hit the film needed. There has been rumors about casting Tommy as a female it might be just a rumor and as I mentioned over and over, I love The Mighty Power Rangers, but that doesn’t mean I want them to exactly make the same storyline and keep the same relationships. I think that would be dull and the film is supposed to be a reboot, anything can happen. The chemistry between Jason had with Kimberly is clear in the film, so it wouldn’t make sense having Tommy as a male; the one thing we don’t need is a love triangle. I would love for once a big twist and yes, I would love Tommy as a female. Trini deserves to shine, and she needs a powerful, complex relationship, for instance, Trini having a relationship with Tommy (female). I think they already are putting that into play the moment Rita made Trini the main important one when she visited Trini in her room. I really wish it was true and also the Green Ranger mask image they revealed in the social media, it looks more like a female mask. I can’t wait for the sequel, and I’m crossing my fingers.

Power Rangers is now playing in theaters nationwide!

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