SNK has given players a glimpse of three upcoming DLC characters for King Of Fighters XIV.

First up is Whip, real name Seirah, and she is known for her deadly use of the whip she carries on her hip. He first introduction to KOF was in The King Of Fighters ’99 and Whip has been a mainstay ever since.


Second is Ryuji Yamazaki who made is his first video game appearance in Fatal Fury 3: Road to the final victory. Yamazaki is a self taught brawler who is not afraid to fight dirty when necessary.


And finally comes Vanessa, the boxing mercenary agent that’s fast as lightning. The first time she stepped on the scene was solely as a striker in The King Of Fighters ’99 Evolution but was available to officially use as a fighter in The King Of Fighters 2000.



KOF has become a major business, generating huge profits and numerous spin-off tournaments worldwide. However, this led to a lowering of the overall quality, and voices began to rise across the globe demanding the formation of one unique, worldwide KOF competition.

Billionaire self-proclaimed “first champion” Antonov, bought out all the rights for the KOF Tournament. The announcement of a new KOF Tournament created unprecedented enthusiasm around the world. This excitement reached many of the classic participants of the legendary tournament directly in the form of an official invitation.


King Of Fighters XIV is now available worldwide.

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