Director, Bill Condon and crew blew me entirely away. When the first announcement came about this live-action movie I was super thrilled, but it faded away the moment I saw the trailer.

I love Disney, especially the Disney classics in which I’m never embarrassed to say. I wasn’t too keen when the trailer was released because it felt like I was watching the same animated film. I just prefer when live-action movies come with a twist like Maleficent but I’m horrified at myself for even thinking that it was not going to be good enough.

I caught myself smiling so much throughout the whole movie, even though there was no twist, it was still so pure to its core. I was in awe of its every detail; Beauty And The Beast made me feel light-hearted like there was no world outside. There was only the goodness of the beautiful story we have all come to know and love since we were children and watching it come to life was like true magic. As a whole, only two minor things bothered me.

Firstly, when Belle was going to the castle, there was a flaw on her blue dress and it lasted so many scenes, it was so hard to look away until it was finally fixed. I don’t know how they didn’t catch that, or if it was intentional or maybe they didn’t have time to reshoot. Secondly, when Beast says the line “then go ahead and starve!” I wish he could have said it much louder.

My heart broke so much at the end during the servants scene, such a powerful and deep moment. One of my favorites scenes was at the last dance when she suggested a certain thing to the Prince in which I won’t spoil, and his reply was so adorable. This was the best Disney live-action movie ever made!

The soundtrack by Alan Menken, Howard Ashman and Tim Rice, was beyond phenomenal watching it live and the new songs filled more of the story.

The entire cast was strong, everyone was  perfect in their roles, especially Emma Watson as Belle. She definitely portrays the inner and outer beauty of Belle with a natural talent worthy of being a true Disney Princess. Her performance was flawless, this character belongs to her.

There is a Magic Rose for each one of us, with patience it will find us.


Beauty And The Beast is now playing in theaters worldwide.



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