Director’s Jordan Vogt-Roberts Kong: Skull Island is one of the best King Kong movies you will ever see.  With monster movies, it is all about time: When are we going to see the big Gorilla on screen?  Well, in Kong: Skull Island, we don’t have to wait long.  Kong is introduced after less than half an hour, then keeps him (and lots of other big, scary creatures) front and center throughout the film’s 118-minute running time.  There’s even a moment where another character tells a story about Kong battling creatures and the movie cuts to images of Kong battling the creatures, in case you weren’t getting your fill of monster-on-monster action.

The cast includes a few dozen people who are basically there to die and therefore not worth describing here but the casting was great.  We have John C. Reilly, a World War II airman who’s been trapped on the island for 28 years and he steals the film instantly.  A tough, handsome British SAS officer (Tom Hiddleston) who has amazing hair; a Special Forces colonel (Samuel L. Jackson) who develops an obsession with killing Kong; a war photographer (Brie Larson) who has no meaningful plot function; and a wild-eyed visionary (John Goodman) who believes the earth is filled with beasts whose existence predates the dinosaurs.  Not to mention Straight Outta Compton alumni Jason Mitchell and Corey Hawkins. 

One strong thing I took away from the film that the previous Kong movies did have, was the love interest for Kong.  That isn’t present in Kong: Skull Island and it makes the film so much better.  Don’t you think it is weird for a big Gorilla to fall for a human girl that’s the sizes of a peanut to him?  Well, it is.  Larson’s character was kind of just there; even though she was the first to touch the beast there was no intention for him to love her.

The monsters are brilliantly designed and skillfully animated but there was one scene where I noticed Kong was supposed to appear behind Jackson’s character and he wasn’t there (blooper maybe).  It is a really fast scene towards the end so maybe too many people won’t catch it.  Other than that, I really enjoyed the film as a whole and give it a 9/10!!

Kong: Skull Island is out now in theaters!


Chris McCall

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