On Thursday night Logan did more than slice up his victims on the big screen, he roared and slashed his way to the third highest Thursday night take in box office history.

Last night Logan had a $9.5 million dollar haul at the box office, third only behind The Hangover II’s $10.4m and Deadpool’s $12.7m Thursday night takes. There’s no reason to believe that number won’t rise exponentially over the weekend with rave reviews from critics. As of today, Friday March 3rd, Logan has a 93% freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes and receiving rave reviews for its gritty, mature, and gore filled take on Wolverine.

Fox was initially tracking Logan at a $65 million dollar opening weekend but based off the earnings last that number will rise to at least $75 – $80 million. This number is based off of Deadpool’s opening weekend of $132.4m; the highest earning R rated movie in history. Their preview nights are only seperated by $3.2m and it can be argued that Logan is the better movie overall, also Deadpool was released for Valentine’s day weekend which may have contributed to its high numbers…..besides Deadpool just being an awesome character of course.

There’s no telling how the weekend will turn out but things are looking good so far and by the end of the weekend we will know if Logan will be a success at the box office and if it has the potential to challenge Deadpool as the highest grossing R rated film of all time. As long as it earns more than X-Men Origins: Wolverine’s (I just threw up in my mouth) $85m dollar opening weekend I’ll be happy.

Logan is now playing in theaters everywhere.

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