Logan will be slashing its way into theaters this Friday, March 3rd and with it a new face. Her name is Laura and she is played by Dafne Keen but comic book fans may know her by the name X-23.

When Doctor Martin Sutter of the original Weapon X program wanted to recreate the experiment with a new twist, he enlisted the help of mutant geneticist Sarah Kinney to create X-23. The name comes simply from the fact that she was the 23rd attempt at cloning Wolverine and the only successful subject. Using leftover genetic samples from Weapon X, they created a viable female clone. From a young age X-23 was trained to be an assassin, sold to the highest bidder for different missions around the world.

She was given the name Laura by her surrogate mother and original handler, Sarah Kinney. Kinney was forced to be the surrogate and give birth to X-23 in a revenge plot by her project partner, Doctor Zander Rice. Doctor Kinney wanted X-23 to be more than a weapon and tried her best to instill Laura with some type of humanity. Unfortunately Doctor Rice had other plans for their “pet” project and activated her mutant genes via radioactive poisoning when Laura was 7. He also managed to coat her claws with adamantium after forcing them to extract; making sure she suffered throughout the process.

Rice would be the cause of Sarah Kinney’s untimely death by creating “Trigger 42”, a scented green liquid which caused X-23 to go into a murderous berserker rage and kill anyone near her. Unbeknownst to Doctor Kinney, Doctor Rice poured a drop of the trigger scent into her hair before going off on a trip to find suitors for a number of clones he created like X-23. Doctor Kinney sent X-23 to kill him and she did successfully but upon returning to Kinney, Laura smelled the scent in her hair and killed her. With her dying breath she named X-23 Laura.

Though Laura has claws and a healing factor like Wolverine, the bones inside her body are not covered with Adamantium. No test subject after Logan was able to survive the process of grafting Adamantium to their bones. X-23 only has 2 claws on each hand as opposed to Wolverine who has 3 per hand.

As Laura “X-23” Kinney got older she would go on to join the X-Men, X-Force, Avengers and teamed up with many superheroes across the Marvel landscape.

Logan arrives in theaters March 3rd!


Rahieme McLaurin

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