Yup!  You read right.  Dwayne Johnson will be getting is very own solo Black Adam movie.  The news comes from Deadline and was later confirmed by i09.  Shazam will, reportedly, split into two films: One with Black Adam’s story and the other with Shazam’s (or Captain Marvel).  If all goes well, fans will most likely get a 3rd film where the two battle it out.

Last week, Johnson shared a photo on Twitter and elsewhere that he had a meeting will some heads at DC and Warner Brothers.  At least now we know what it was all about.

Credit to Bosslogic for fanart

WONDER WOMAN hits theaters June 2, 2017!

JUSTICE LEAGUE opens in theaters on Nov. 17, 2017!

The Flash is scheduled for March 16, 2018!

AQUAMAN will be directed by James Wan and swim into theaters October 5, 2018!




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