20th Century Fox has released the official trailer for the sequel to Prometheus and latest installment in Ridley Scott’s Alien franchise.

The trailer reveals possibly a new planet discovered by the crew of the ship Covenant. We see Michael Fassbender’s David in the trailer and based on the ending of Prometheus, this planet is more than likely where the Covenant crew find him. It’s clear they do not know anything about what’s going on there because the trailer opens with a female crew member running to the medical bay to see two other members locked in. One is banging on the door to be let out while the other is convulsing and looks sickly. She can’t open the door from fear of infection and then something begins to burst out of the sick man’s back. I think the creature may be one of the new aliens called a neomorph that bursts out of the back and throats of their host. We also get a glimpse of a face hugger and xenomorph.

Prometheus left us with many unanswered questions about the designers, the black goo and the purpose for all of it; Alien: Covenant may be providing all of those answers and more.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think about the trailer and upcoming movie.

While on a journey to the far side of the galaxy, the crew members of the colony ship Covenant discover a remote planet they believe to be an uncharted paradise. What they find instead is a dark, menacing world inhabited by a horror beyond their wildest imagination. The crew must find a way off the planet or become consumed by the dark entities lurking within.


Alien: Covenant reaches theaters May 19, 2017

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