Stan Lee is stepping into Hollywood spotlight in his very own biopic, but with a twist.  The film will focus on Lee’s time in the 70s when he moved to Hollywood in order to pursue his dream of creating super-heroes.

The film is set to be an action-adventure with the tone of Kingsman: The Secret Service and Roger Moore’s 007.  This would take place well after Lee’s birth in 1922 and his earliest entry into the comics world in 1939. In his 40s, Lee had yet to realize his dream of writing the “Great American Novel,” but in a last-ditch effort–inspired by his wife–ended up co-creating the Fantastic Four and launching the Marvel Comics revolution in the 60s.

So instead of a typical biopic, Lee’s slice of life will envision him as a dapper man about town, hobnobbing with the Hollywood elite and quipping to his unseen audience. Currently, there’s no writer attached to the project, so details may change.

Source via THR


Chris McCall

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