SNK has launched the newest team trailer for The King of Fighters XIV, leading up to its August 23rd launch on on Playstation 4.

In the trailer we get to see Team Women Fighters; King, Mai and Alice show off their skills.


King is a character from Art of Fighting and is the only playable female character of the game. She is an agile fighter and muay thai practioner who can launch a projectile of energy with her kicks. Some of her moves include “Trap Shot” and “Tornado Kick”.


Mai is from Fatal Fury and ninjutsu fighter who is fast and deceptive when she fights. She is able to create and control fire in her attacks, sometimes causing fire bursts and explosions. Mai also has a wide range of weapons hidden on her at all times and can use them with ease; her favorite being a giant fan.


Alice hails from Garou Densetsu: The Legend of Wild Wolf, a pachinko slot machine. She doesn’t have a particular skill set because her moves are based off of several Fatal Fury characters.

Check out the trailer here:


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