Black Manta will be the villain in DC/Warner Bros Aquaman movie. He is Aquaman’s arch-nemesis in DC’s Aquaman comics and has been the source of much pain in Arthur Curry’s life. In our previous post regarding the reveal of Black Manta as the villain of 2018’s Aquaman movie, we gave a little bit of information about the character. Now here is a list of 5 actors who could play Black Manta.

1.) Tyrese Gibson:


Tyrese has been campaigning to play the Green Lantern for DC but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. With the Green Lantern character not making an appearance in the first Justice League movie, I have to wonder if they’re sure of how to introduce his character or who will play him. With that situation in flux, I think Tyrese Gibson is a great choice for Black Manta, a character that will allow audiences to see a different side of him because he has never played a villain before.

2.) Michael Ealy:



Michael Ealy is an experienced actor with the range to play a villainous role. He also has not yet been in a comic book related film, Marvel or DC, to date. I think he is primed to place his feet in the water and dive into the superhero movie fray. (no pun intended).

3.) Idris Elba:


I just want to see Idris Elba in a freaking DC movie.  The dude is a fantastic actor but I wouldn’t want him to be a villain and not show up again.  I would prefer him as Green Lantern John Stewart but I can see him as Black Manta.

4.) Michael Jai White:


Michael Jai White has shown interest in playing Black Manta but he wouldn’t be my first or third pick.  He could, however; give Jason Momoa’s Aquaman a run for his money.  White is trained in various forms of martial arts and could surprise a few of us on screen as the Black Manta.  Also, he has played Bronze Tiger on The CW’s Arrow and we can’t forget about Spawn.

5.) Morris Chestnut:


Yes, really! Morris Chestnut has shown interest in being a comic book film character before.  Remember that time he tweeted something about him wanting to play Black Panther?  It’s not like the man can’t act because he can, and he has had a series of serious parts throughout his career. 

6.) Isaiah Washington:


Honestly, Washington wasn’t even on our radar, it wasn’t until he posted the tweet below that we thought, “Hey!! I can see this”.  This guy has been acting for quite some time and his very good at it.   He was on Grey’s Anatomy for awhile and is now currently on The 100. 


7.) Djimon Gaston Hounsou:


I don’t usually go for somebody who has been in a Marvel film to star in a DC Comics film but he’s too good of a pick to pass up. Hounsou is great in just about every movie he does and he has some fighting experience from movies, such as Never Back Down and Tarzan.


Chris McCall

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