Black Manta

Arthur Curry will battle it out with his arch-nemesis Black Manta in DC and Warner Bros. Aquaman movie, swimming to theaters 2018.

Black Manta has two different origin stories and it is unknown which is canon. The first one developed for Manta in 1993’s Aquaman #6 has him as a little boy who loved playing by the sea. He is kidnapped and forced to work on a ship for years. After getting into an altercation with one of his captors whom Manta ends up killing, a hate for the sea and everything in it, including Aquaman, brews within the young man.

The other origin story came in 2003’s Aquaman #8 where he is a young austistic orphan named David, sent to Arkham Asylum for treatment. The boy develops a fascination with Aquaman after seeing him on tv and he is subjected to cruel treatment in the Asylum, including some experimental. During one of the treatments, his mind finally becomes clear and his autism is cured but the side effect in an uncontrolable violence borne in him. The young man eventually kills the scientist who administered the treatment and escapes Arkham Asylum.

As an adult, David creates a black wet suit costume with a giant bug eyed helmet and manta ray inspired submersibles. He takes on the name Black Manta and creates an army which he uses to have numerous battles with Aquaman.


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