Who said villains never win?

This weekend Suicide Squad took the box office by storm and no one was going to stop them from getting top prize. DC Comics’ Suicide Squad will finish the weekend with an estimated $135.1 million earned at the box office domestically. Guardians Of The Galaxy was the previous record holder with a $94.3 million opening weekend in August. The films worldwide total for the weekend is $267.1 million and with a budget of $175 million, Warner Bros. studio is well on its way to recouping its money spent.

Some concern still remains based on its DCEU predecessor Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. BvS earned a $166 million opening weekend and then dropped 69.1% in ticket sales the next weekend. The drop was due to negative reviews and ratings on sites like RottenTomatoes.com. Suicide Squad did rate a B+ on CinemaScore compared to a B rating for BvS but that is only slightly higher and doesn’t mean the Squad won’t suffer the same drop as Dawn Of Justice. Even so, Suicide Squad should pull in $300 million or close to, domestically and an estimated $700 million+ worldwide.


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