Final Fantasy VII Monopoly Is A Thing

That’s right you read correct. Final Fantasy VII Monopoly is a thing and it’ll riding through the life stream at us April 17th of next year.

Now, we’re not to sure how the board is going to look or what areas from FF7 it’s going to include or even the character pieces but all I know is that we’re in one heck of a ride. Now there’s not to many pictures of the actual board game itself because it’s still just a mock up but expect it to be epic just like Final Fantasy VII itself. Price of the game will be 49.99 and since we’re good people here at Geekphilia were dropping you the link down below.


Will you be getting this awesome new edition for you let family’s game night? Or will you get it to add to your gaming collection? (I think I’ll buy two. One to play and one for collecting. Woot~!) How do you feel about it and what are your thoughts on the Final Fantasy VII remake? Let us know!


Tifa Barreto

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