This week, Lionsgate revealed Bryan Cranston will be playing Zordon, in the new Power Rangers movie but is he the right choice?

Zordon is the creator of the Power coins which morphs whoever holds a coin into a Ranger, when activated. Thousands of years ago, he battled his nemesis, the witch, Rita Repulsa who managed to trap Zordon in a time-warp while he trapped her and her minions in a magical dumpster on the moon. With the help of his robot Alpha 5, they built a command center just outside the city of Angel Grove, California. When Rita is freed 10,000 years later, Zordon recruits five teenagers to become his Power Rangers and defeat Rita. In the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, Zordon was portrayed as a large holographic head and there is no word if the same will be done with Cranston.

Bryan Cranston has played many different roles throughout his career like father, Hal (Malcolm In The Middle) to father turned drug kingpin, Walter White (Breaking Bad). Even in 2014’s Godzilla, he played a father trying to save the world and his experience with that specific role will lend well to the character of Zordon. Zordon is a father figure and mentor to the Power Rangers; having created the 5 Power Coins and teaching them to be a team that trusts one another. With Cranston’s undeniable acting skills, he may very well turn this version of Zordon into one for the ages.

Another fun fact fact about Mr. Bryan Cranston is he has done many voice acting roles and one of those roles is another reason why he is great for this part. He did the voices of two villains for the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers tv series, Snizzard and Twin Man. Here are the two clips courtesy of Shout! Factory TV:

In an interview three years ago with IGN’s Eric Goldman, Cranston had this to say about the roles, “One of my jobs as a young actor starting out was voiceover. I also did dubbing. A lot of dubbing and a lot of voiceover. So foreign films would come in and I’d go in. One of the places that did a lot of that was Saban Entertainment. And they would take movies and then cartoons from all over the world and we’d go and do the English dub. And the Power Rangers came in and I did some voices for that. I had already been there for a number of years, just as a freelance guy coming in and coming out. And it paid like $50.00 an hour, which was fantastic. And you’d work two, three hours at least a day. So I had been there for awhile already and then the Power Rangers came in.”

From Twin Man to Snizzard and now Zordon, Bryan Cranston has really moved up in the Power Rangers universe; I guess you can say him getting this role was destiny.

Power Rangers is scheduled to morph into theaters March 24, 2017

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