When I think of E3 I think of this giant convention where all of the big time game developers go and showcase what they’re working on while having tons of supporters backing them up. I always saw it as an event that was all about business and business alone. Just hard working people trying to make it to be the best big game company or just have the best biggest game. To my surprise. I was right but also wrong.
E3 was amazing. Everyone there was super cool and nice and they showcased their love for games in many volumes. Everyone there was all about games. Some old and some new. There were people there from all walks of life there to show their support to their favorite titles. Not only were they game developers there but there was regular people there from media all the way to people that just bought their expo ticket to attend.
I met so many great people there who were so friendly and just as passionate and hardcore lovers of video games like I was. I went there as press for Geekphilia and to do my job but I couldn’t help being overwhelmed a couple of times and have a crying fit. I would go to the media lounge to calm my nerves and cry because I couldn’t believe that I dream of mine had finally come true and that was to be at E3 covering top games and overall seeing the whole expo. As a gamer this was something that was at the top of my list to view one day. From Xbox, to PlayStation, all the way to VR sets I saw it all. It was the absolute best.
Everyone there who is show casing there work is trying to make history and is trying to have their game out across the world. As a gamer I tried each and everyone one of those games and even got to play a few that weren’t showcased to people and that was for media only. You could tell how much thought and feelings they put into their games. Some games I got to sit with the developers with and totally wreck people and they were having fun just like I was. We laughed and would dance around with our winning head shots and survival skills and as I sat there and played with these developers I realized that they were just like me. A person passionate about games and aren’t afraid to show their love for them.
E3 isn’t just a show about who has the best games coming out or they newest upgraded system. Although the it can be that way sometimes for certain people, for most that were there it was about sharing an experience and bringing people together in the environment filled of things that they love. In the eyes of a gamer and not someone doing media coverage it’s something I thing every gamer should one day attend. E3 spoke volumes to me and it’s almost indescribable. It opens your eyes to all the different types of games there really is and shows that these developers are just like you and me. They’re just gamers. Gamers who want to make our experience as a community the best one it can be.

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