Finally, we got to see Future Trunks in this week’s episode of Dragon Ball Super as he is through a destroyed city, while a dark figure with red eyes continues on destroying the city.

Trunks escape the destruction that is caused by this black figure and finds his mom, Bulma, in a secret lab where she has been working to send Trunks to the past. Capsule Corp, I’m assuming is destroyed due to all the destruction. Bulma has found a way to make some time traveling fuel to send Trunks back to where Goku and Vegeta are but there is only enough fuel for a one-way trip.

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Later, the hideout is then attacked and Trunks is told by his mother to run.  Hesitant to do so, Trunks watch as this black shadowy figure kills his mother.

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Cut back to present time: Goku, Chi-Chi, Goten and Piccolo are about to commence in some old school training. Goku has planted some lettuces and they plan to pick the whole harvest in one day.  Goten wants to participate in the race but Chi-Chi, being the mother that she is, says that he has to study.  Krillin then flies by and speaks of Vegeta training on Beerus planet, Goku hears this and uses Instant Transmission to go there right away.

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At Beerus and Whis home, we learn a little more about the Omni-King Zeno who destroyed 6 of the 18 original universes.  We only know that Zeno might not be strong in strength but he has the power to destroy universes…so we actually don’t learn all that much.

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Lastly, we cut back to Trunks, who has made his way to his companion Mai house. He explains to her what happened at the hideout.  After that, Trunks and Mai eats and prepare to make a run to a destroyed but still standing Capsule Corp. They make it there but then they encounter the black figure again.  Trunks must now defend Mai as she makes it to the ship but Mai decides that she will be the decoy and that Trunks should go.  Mai then goes out with her shotgun to attack but is easily taken out as Trunks watches.  Trunks then run over and holds Mai in his arms and as the smoke clears, we get our first official look at the black figure.  The black figure turns out to be a skinnier looking Goku named Black.

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