Ok, everyone had more than enough time to see X-Men: Apocalypse; some more than once. It’s time to talk about the good stuff and I don’t mean the movie. Like Days Of Future Past, X-Men: Apocalypse had its own end credit scene.

In the scene, a group of men in suits walk into the Weapon X facility at Alkali Lake where the X-men were being held and a recently freed Weapon X(Wolverine), rampaged through. As the men walked through the facility, someone could be seen vacuuming all the bullets  used on Wolverine, as well as the bodies of the dead soldiers and the blood splattered across the walls.


They reach a room  where x-rays of Wolverine’s body is located, along with some freezers containing samples of blood. One of the men places down a briefcase labeled Essex Corp. and loads the Weapon X blood sample into it.

Essex Corp can be controlled by none other than Nathaniel Essex or better known as Mr. Sinister, an acolyte of Apocalypse in the comics and a recurring villain in X-men.


Dr. Essex was a world renowned scientist obsessed with human evolution. When his son Adam died at the age of four, Essex became even more obsessed with his research and completely immersed himself in it. Dr. Essex would one day come to find the body of En Sabah Nuhr (Apocalypse) and resurrect him. Apocalypse recruited Nathaniel to help him in weeding out the weaker genes to create a world of only the strong and as a gift, he gave the defeated bodies of Cyclops and Phoenix over to Essex for experimentation. Phoenix convinced him not to help Apocalypse and Essex returned to his wife only to find she had freed all of his previous test subjects and was dying. On her deathbed she told Dr. Essex he was “contemptibly sinister” and that was enough to push him over the edge. Essex decided to accept Apocalypse’s offer to join him and was transformed into an ageless being with the power of telekinesis and skin white as snow; Mr. Sinister was born.

If Essex Corp is in fact, owned by Mr. Sinister, there are two major story lines this could lead into:

1. Cable


Mr. Sinister had everything to do with Cable’s birth and the future life he would lead. Sinister wanted to destroy Apocalypse and free himself of a lifetime of servitude from the “original mutant” but needed to find a way. Realizing the solution to his problems would be found in the power of a child birthed by Scott Summers(Cyclops) and Jean Grey; he cloned Jean and named her clone, Madelyne Pryor. Pryor and Scott would get together and eventually she would give birth to their child Nathan Christopher Charles Summers(Cable). Upon discovering Cable’s existence, Apocalypse kidnapped him and injected him with a techno-organic virus. The baby would’ve died if not for a a member of the Clan Askani traveling to the past and convincing Cyclops that Nathan could be cured in the future and he was destined to be a hero and finish Apocalypse. Cyclops seeing no other alternative, gave his child to Sister Askani to save him.

2. X-23


Although Mr. Sinister doesn’t really have much to do with X-23’s creation, if he is behind Essex Corp then I can see how the tie-in could be made. Laura Kinney(X-23) is a clone created from the DNA of Wolverine. She was trained to be an assassin and killing machine since creation and was the only successful replication to come from Wolverine’s DNA.

There are numerous possibilities that could come from that end credit scene and tie-in to future Marvel properties owned by 20th Century Fox, including Wolverine, Deadpool and the delayed but upcoming Gambit movie.

Do you have any theories on the end credit scene in X-Men: Apocalypse? Let us know below!

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