Goku enters the scene, last episode we found out that if Goku does not defeat copy-Vegeta in time the real Vegeta will die. Vegeta’s body has already started to fade away and not exist anymore. In this episode we get the fight that fans have been waiting for but not exactly in the way that we wanted it. Goku vs “Vegeta”!! Early in, the fake Vegeta had the upper hand but Goku, with the help of Instant Transmission was able to turn the tables. It’s funny to watch this fight because we have the real Vegeta rooting for the copy-Vegeta to defeat Goku because technically it’s still Vegeta but at the same time it’s not Vegeta. Intentionally, Vegeta roots for the copy Vegeta because it’s him but Goten and Trunks remind him that Goku needs to win otherwise he will die.  To not be biased Vegeta just starts to root for them both.  Impatiently waiting for the battle to be over, Vegeta attacks the copy but his punch goes right through him because at this point Vegeta’s body is turning into an empty shell.

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The battle between Goku and copy-Vegeta intensifies when they both decides to go Super Saiyan blue. While they are in the midst of the battle, Goten and Trunks pursue the Superhuman water core; it has to be destroyed in order for Vegeta to return back to normal.

Copy-Vegeta and Goku decides to end the battle with one final blow. The power of that blow causes a gigantic light show and while Trunks, Goten, Vegeta, Jaco, and Monaka were watching, the Superhuman water sneaks up behind trunks.  Vegeta tries to grab Trunks but is unable to because his body starts to disappear completely but luckily Monaka accidentally stepped on the Superhuman water core causing it’s destruction.

Just when everything looked bad for Vegeta Goku finds an opening after Monaka steps on the core of the Superhuman water thingy which causes copy-Vegeta to lose his mind. With that opening, Goku uses Super Kamehameha Wave destroying copy-Vegeta.

After the battle, the Superhuman water is locked right back up again and Goku, Vegeta, Trunks and Goten returns back to Earth and all is well again for our heroes…for now.

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Before this episode cames to an end, we get a scene of Future Trunks as he is running away from an unknown enemy. Who could this person be?


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