Monaka arrives at Bulma’s house to make a delivery of some type of fruit that she had at her   party in Episode 42. Bulma then asks him for assistance on an experiment that she is working on.  Monaka declines but Bulma insist and he ended up helping.  While he was away, Goten and Trunks flys into Monaka’s truck and the door locks and they are now trapped.  Trunks was going to blow the door wide open but didn’t want Monaka to get in trouble.

Unknowingly, Monaka departs with Trunks and Goten in the back of his truck.  Later, Bulma (for some reason) decides to check the security cameras and spot Goten and Trunks entering Monaka’s truck and flying off.  Vegeta then blames Bulma for bringing Monaka to Earth in the first place, however Bulma insisted the help of Jaco.  Jaco agreed to help Bulma find the children as long as she doesn’t tell the Galactic Patrolman King that Jaco drew a mustache on a photo he has of him.  Untrusting of Jaco’s abilities, Vegeta decides to go with him.

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We later see Trucks, Goten, and Monaka in trouble on a planet where Monaka was making another delivery.   They ran into a new villain and just when things got bad for those 3, Vegeta appears to save the day…well almost.  Vegeta enters the battle and takes out 3 guys with no problem at all, but these aren’t your regular villains.  After defeating the 3 men, they changed into some purple goo and swallowed Vegeta taking his powers.

To note: Bulma did in fact call Chi-Chi to let her know that Goten was off on another planet and needless to say she wasn’t not happy about it.  We will see Goku next episode (I’m assuming), now that his ki is back to normal.

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