Warning spoilers ahead…

Last night’s Game of Thrones provided us with some answers to some questions you may have forgotten about and absolute heartbreak.

Of all the character’s that have come through Westeros, none have matched the universal praise and delight of Hodor. It doesn’t come as a shock we could fall for a large oafish man-child such as Hodor. Regarded as a simpleton in the universe that brought us such wonders as a dragon queen, a defiant imp, a plucky princess, and a brooding leader, this character radiates innocence in ways others would never achieve. We now know where that fragile state of mind comes from.

In one of the more cinematic moments of the series, White Walkers storm the cave with the intent of killing everyone inside (particularly Bran). Hodor ( warged by Bran) manages to close the door on the White Walkers as Meera drags Bran away to safety. Meera shouts to Hodor the words that we were not prepared to link as the reason for this his existence. “Hold the door” will be etched into my psyche as one of the most heartbreaking instructions you can give to someone. In this case, it will be the last words heard by Hodor as he is torn apart by the undead. It will also be the first heard by Wyllis who will become to be known as Hodor.

Hodor, a character  we’ve watched since the beginning, never giving too much thought about his existence in the realm of the story. It is a testament to Martin and the show-runners grand plans. This episode culminated the story andgave us exactly what we didn’t expect. Future viewings of past seasons will be difficult to ignore the tragic story of Hodor. A character designed to walk uttering a shorthand version of the last words spoken to him. After this week’s ending, I needed to go the bathroom to cry in the shower for a few hours. 

Damn you Game of Thrones!!!

Food for thought:

-Sansa gives Littlefinger some well deserved rebuffing. About time she takes her destiny out of other people’s hands. Good for her.

-Brienne’s “brooding” description of Jon was on point.

-Tormund’s loving eyeing of Brienne is the sort of text-book pining for the affections of someone who clearly has no interest. It comes off as a funny and charmingly sweet moment in a series not known for it.

-Brienne has every right to not trust Melisandre and Davos, as her love for Renly still burns bright (even after finishing off Stannis).

-Daenerys commanding Jorah to find a cure of his greyscale delivered on a redeeming  character arc she’s experiencing this season. The rebirth of the Mother of Dragons is a welcome return to form after several sluggish seasons of dealing with Meeren politics and her rash decision making.

-Euron is leading the debate at the Kingsmoot with his proclamation of bedding Daenerys and making the Iron Islands”great again” . This echoes too closely to our own Western politics. It comes as no surprise that he becomes King. This immediately leads to Theon and Yara taking what looks like the entire fleet of  Iron Island’s ships. Hopefully fleeing to the Westeros equivalent of Canada. Smart move guys!

-It doesn’t get more meta than watching Arya, watch a play about pretty much everything that happened season one. The shock of the scene is them displaying how inaccurately the events occurred. We as viewers bared witness to the episodes that transpired. Seeing them dumbed-down and exaggerated to an horrifying degree makes me wonder how close Westeros media is to our heightened sense of reality once it is adjusted for viewer consumption.

-Varys left speechless by the red priestess was a sight to behold. Even Tyrion acknowledged that.

-RIP Hodor.

-Hodor Memorial Mix-Tape – Track#1 Bryan Adams – (Everything I Do) I Do It For You



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