The director, Bryan Singer and crew delivered a good movie, though not a perfect one. The film is flawed with too many annoying scenes, but it was still entertaining. What made the movie so annoying was the importance of Mystique and her taking the “leader” role. I knew what I was getting into since the trailer reveals her in a leadership position but I was angry because what she did in Days Of Future Past portrayed her in a more selfish light. Why do they keep making bad decisions on casting their main characters and by those decisions destroy the character? In the past trilogy, it was Storm, I like the character, but dislike Halle Berry’s performance and it didn’t help the way her character was written. x-men-apocalypse-poster-mystiqueNow in this trilogy it’s Mystique; maybe it’s because I don’t want Jennifer Lawrence portraying her. I don’t mind the new vision of her not being the villain that we all know, but her importance is what bothers me. Another thing that bothered me was the quick reference when certain characters were talking about trilogies and then saying that the third one is the worst one. C’mon, it was obvious what the director was trying to do, making known that he didn’t direct the third horrible movie, but I still say that his direction in the 2nd movie was horrible as well. Once again Quicksilver’s long super speed scene took over the movie. It was brilliant and loving the use of the song to point out the year in this plot. This film needed to be a two part movie, to achieve true greatness and slowly build towards the Apocalypse character. It was too rushed, they needed to slow down, to build up the fear of the end. Though not having the proper pace it still provided a good story and key elements within the film. My favorite part was the intro, the transference scene was phenomenal. The way they protected him and the music, it was just powerful. There was a moment in which I thought it was beautiful, in the last scene of Magneto and Jean Grey, only a glimpse of connection but loved it. The new timeline has so many possibilities of how the characters can change opposite to the ones we know, I don’t mind it as long they manage to give everyone their spotlight in which they failed to do in this film.

The composer, John Ottman is once again back to score another X-Men film. His main theme from X-Men 2 has been used three times (X-Men 2, Days Of Future Past and Apocalypse) I love their consistency with the music. As they have the same main theme, the films still hold their own unique themes. My favorite one is from Days Of Future Past, the theme called Hope is so beautiful and I wish it would have taken part in Apocalypse, but it didn’t, though there was a moment that lasted only seconds and it was merged with the new music. I was so thrilled when I heard it, but bumped because it was gone too quickly. It was so hard to grasp the theme of this film, the composer failed to define it.


The new cast, I really can’t say much about them because I didn’t feel their performances were given the opportunity to shine since much of the focus was on Mystique. They were all great and that being said, there were two actors that I yearned to have seen more of. Sophie Turner as Jean Grey, I like the way she portrayed Jean especially in the battle scene. The way she used her power with so much fierceness was breathtaking to watch. Her official suit shown in the last scene was so cool, I can’t wait to see her in action with that suit. The other one was Tye Sheridan as Cyclops, he was fantastic and the chemistry between them was so honest and natural. There is a character in which I feel like they are toying with us, her name is Jubilee. She has been in the past movies, but either she has a small role or her scene is cut off and now she appears yet again with another small role. Maybe they are building her slowly on purpose, but I think her character is too light to be part of the X-Men. If they choose her to be in the X-Men they need to change her character a little bit. Now the old cast was spectacular except Jennifer Lawrence. James McAvoy as Charles Xavier and Michael Fassbender as Magneto continues to blow me away. These two have a connection like no other, without them there is no X-Men. Evan Peters as Quicksilver, wow, like I said above he keeps impressing me. I can’t forget about the awesome cameo, perfectly and beautifully well done.

X-Men: Apocalypse scores a 6.5/10.

X-Men: Apocalypse slashes it way into theaters May 27th!

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