On the previous episode of Dragon Ball Super, Goku finally had his fight with “Monaka”.  This new episode we see Goku struggle with his ki being on the fritz. During Goku’s battle with Hit we saw him use a new form, Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x10. Using that form took a real strain on Goku’s body and due to that Goku ki is causing his powers to be irregular.

We first see this irregularity as Goku in shopping for Chi-Chi and Goten and as he is flying he crashes down and doesn’t know why. Goku is also not eating as much as he used to and Chi-Chi notices and starts to worry, so Goku goes to see King Kai but has trouble getting there using his Instant Transmission. While trying to get to King Kai’s, we have a scene where Goku accidentally appears and Bulma’s bedroom and things get a little weird.  I mostly enjoy this scene because we get to see, yet again, how Vegeta reacts when Bulma is in trouble even though he tries to play the tough guy.


Finally, arriving to King Kai Goku is told due to him using the Kaioken x10 in Super Saiyan Blue form his ki is off.  King Kai then suggest that Goku should rest and spend some time with his granddaughter Pan. Gohan and Videl are out of town on a trip for a job, so Goku decides to babysit along with Chi-Chi and Goten. Piccolo is there already and decides to leave but then he decides to stay because he doesn’t trust anyone else with Pan. Piccolo is definitely Pan’s uncle/Father figure.

Later that night, Pan escapes while everyone is sleeping and ends up outside. There she sees Emperor Pilaf and his minions.  Pilaf planned on taking on Goku with a robot, knowing that Goku is in a weakening state.  Baby Pan foiled that plan though and was basically accidentally kidnapped (I know that sounded weird to me too). Anyways, inside the robot, Pan powers up for the first time and flies herself through the robot causing it to explode.  After we just see her hovering in Earth’s atmosphere for a moment.  She returns home eventually and Goku and the others become unaware of where Pan was or how she got back.  Gohan and Videl return from their trip and is informed of Pan escaping but all is well because she was alright.


Chris McCall

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