A resurrected Jon Snow decides to forge a new path as the season progresses in this week’s installment.

*Warning Spoilers Below*

“A wise man once said a true history of the world is a history of great conversations in elegant rooms.” – Tyrion Lannister

Honest accounts of history have never been the more favorable ones to add in textbooks. We as a society use history to shape the world we want instead of the one it actually is. Most elders instill their classic vision of our ancestors being great leaders who fought battles that truly shaped the world we inhabit now. Revisionists carry a great burden on their shoulders to alter the long standing imprint left by our predecessors. They must undertake a huge excavation of propaganda to unearth the principal narrative buried beneath the fairy tale. Leaving us with the knowledge that our heroes are more human than we would like to admit.

Eddard Stark did not defeat Arthur Dayne as the stories would have you believe. Bran witnesses this first-hand believing to know the tale. Anticipating with glee the moment it comes down to Ned (Eddard) and Arthur. It should not come as a shock that Bran (as well as the viewer) is given a true lesson in history. Arthur Dayne disarms Ned, leaving us wondering how does Ned get himself out of this one? Does Ned dart towards his sword and surprise Dayne with a finishing stroke? Will he convince him to put down his swords and fight mano e mano? The possibilities are endless. Instead, we get Howland Reed stabbing Dayne through the back of the neck saving Ned from certain death.

Bran’s participation in the Three Eyed Crow’s Westeros nostalgia trip is piecing together the legitimacy of the tales Old Nan and others recited to him as a child. Extinguishing Bran’s adolescence by tearing down all his preconceived notions will undoubtedly force him to come to terms with the “Everything” mentioned by The Three Eyed Crow. The education he’s been acquiring is quite different from the lessons bestowed upon Sansa and Arya (Maybe Rickon?). The embodiment of f actuality will be imparted on Bran giving him the unadulterated wisdom to survey time and behold what some of us have known for ages, “History repeats itself.”

Food for thought…

– Welcome back Sam, Gilly, and also baby! I’m not quite sure of the timeline that’s been playing out most season. Somehow, Jamie can return from Dorne faster than Sam can get to Old Town.
– Daenerys storyline seems to be dragging slower than the boat to Old Town.
– Varys brings his little bag of tricks to Meereen delivering the names of those who’ve been funding Sons of the Harpy. (Surprise it’s all of Daenerys enemies)
– Tyrion discovers that former slaves make terrible conversationalists. Should make him appreciate Varys and Mormont even more.
– Didn’t quite catch what Missandei meant by speaking to the leaders in their own tongue. If she’s referring to straight up murdering them? It completely went above my head.

– The Mountain 2.0 isn’t going to be enough to get the Lannister’s back into the shining glory of their Tywin times. This clan is but a shadow of the former glory it once was. Here’s to hoping Qyburn proves to be more useful than Grand Maester Pycelle’s farts.

– Queen of Thorns to Cersei, “You are not the queen, because you are not married to the king. I do appreciate these things can get a bit confusing in your family.” God how I’ve missed you. Don’t ever leave me again.
– Tommen’s talk with the High Sparrow shows how easily he can be manipulated. Joffery would have cut the High Sparrow down by mid-way through his speech. Tywin Lannister, “Any man who must say, “I am the King” is no true king. Sorry Tommen but you are not a king. Just a boy wearing a crown.
– Arya gets her training montage scene (cue “Higher And Higher” From ‘Wet Hot American Summer’) and vision.
– Smalljon Umber may not want to bow to Ramsay, but he has no problem offering him a gift. Welcome back Osha and Rickon Stark, too bad it’s under such circumstances. Is it me or have the male children characters hit puberty at an ungodly rate? Also, I have a feeling there’s more to this than meets the eye. (Prediction: Osha’s gonna cut off something from Ramsay or Karlstark. Not sure what, but it’ll be a fun guessing game for now.)
– Jon Snow returns to the land of the living. Now clearly disturbed by his continued existence and everyone’s questioning if he is indeed the man they once knew. Melisandre inquires about what he’d seen on the other side. Jon’s response to his other worldly experience is, “Nothing.” Making his exit as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch that more pivotal. We are witnessing a true resurrection of Jon Snow. His watch is over and a new path awaits… Hopefully towards Ramsay.

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