A powerless Flash takes on a meta-human who has kidnapped Dr. Wells.

*Warning Spoilers Below*

We are used to seeing our heroes fall into a pit a despair when their powers are taken. Who are they without the things that make them extraordinary? Barry knows that his powers provided him with his share of troubles, but they were merely external tools for the character that resides within. Making him normal has not deterred his need to save others. The need to protect those from the ones making this world a more vile place requires all the resourcefulness and will, to achieve those goals. Barry is the man for the job, whether as The Flash or as a normal man trying to do the right thing. After last week’s intense episode bringing Barry down doesn’t hinder this week’s installment. Instead we are treated to a hero, who will use all in his disposal to help and protect those in need.

Earth 2’s Dr. Wells has been a welcome addition to the team even though they have been reluctant to trust this doppelganger at first. With the motivation of saving his daughter from Zoom at any cost. Earth-2’s Wells has displayed more humanity than his Earth-1 counterpart in that very instance alone. His resolve to protect his daughter (Jesse) once Cisco reopens the breaches is the driving force of this episode. Finally, being able to track her down only to get rebuffed for his previous actions. It’s the sins of his past and his counterpart that will play into his kidnapping and realization. Earth-1 and Earth-2’s Dr. Wells are both responsible for the particle accelerator explosion on their home worlds. It is with this knowledge that Earth-2 Well’s can’t escape from. Believing it to be easier to just take his daughter and hide away from Earth-2’s fiascos is not the correct way of dealing with the fallout of having created Zoom. Well’s next step to help Barry regain his powers paralleled with Zoom looking to conquer Earth-1 is no coincidence. The writers are approaching what might be considered a true redemption arc on behalf of Earth-2’s Dr. Wells. They have built enough momentum and struggle for us to witness an revitalization of a character long thought to be past his own story-line.

Food for thought…

  • I’m a bit frustrated with Wally’s induction in the series. With the drama of having lost his mother and being reunited with his long lost father and sister provides a built-in permanence. Yet, so far he’s been reduced to sub-plots involving: drag racing, going back to school, moving in with Joe, getting kidnapped by Zoom and in this week’s episode wanting to thank The Flash for saving him. Most would lay blame on actor Keiynan Lonsdale for his dry performance of Wally. I don’t believe that to be the case. Introducing a character is difficult, especially one so important to the cannon of the DC television universe. The writer’s may have pushed him too hard into the spotlight of an already heavy supporting character program. Having Wally thank The Flash for saving him and looking up at him with admiration is already making me wish they’d slow down some more. If there’s anything The Flash does that most syndicated programs avoid, is by moving faster than the audience is prepared to go. Wally should have been played slower and smoother instead of rushing him into the story-line I see forthcoming. Hopefully, I’m wrong and we can see a chance for the character to reach his goals instead of being shoved there.

  • Caitlin really shouldn’t trust someone called, “Killer Frost.” Even if it is her own Earth-2 doppelganger.

  • I’m starting to think that the man in the iron mask is going to be Alexandre Dumas. It looks like we’ll get the revelation by the end of the season. Possibly even a season cliff-hanger if I had to hinge my bets on it.

  • Curious to see how Well’s particle accelerator explosion sequel idea will go off with the rest of the gang.

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Fred Yampolsky

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