Last episode of Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta fought and lost by Hit, the Assassin of universe 6 and known as the best fighter of that universe. Vegeta put up a great fight but in the end was unable to counter his moves.  We learned in the last  episode that Hit is able to manipulate time by stopping it,   which is against the law according to the Galactic Patrolman.

Goku and Hit battle continues as Goku goes Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken to counter Hit’s time manipulation technique.  We later learn Hit has the same trait as a Saiyan, he becomes faster and stronger the more he fights which made it very difficult for Goku to counter his moves.  Anyways, as the fight continued Goku loses the fight by stepping out of the ring after he asked Beerus to get rid of all the tournament rules so Hit can use his full potential. Goku figured that the team still has Monaka and since Beerus claimed that he was the strongest they would still win. That was not the case.


Like Goku, Hit threw the match with Monaka as a way to repay Goku.

After losing the tournament, Champa was on the verge of destroying his whole team for losing but got interrupted by Zeno.  A new character that is the God of all 12 universes, he looks weird but apparently he is super strong because he can destroy any universe in a matter of seconds.  Zeno then requested that the Gods put together a new tournament involving all 12 universes.

This episode was great and I enjoyed it.  The new character Zeno looks weird but that’s DBZ for y’all. I’m excited to see what the warriors from all 12 universes will look like.

Goku, Vegeta, and Piccolo has a lot of training to do and I’m expecting to see Gohan in the next universal tournament because he is currently training with Piccolo.  After, he may train with Goku and Vegeta and possibly Whis.


Chris McCall

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