GOT is back with a season opener that resolves some cliffhangers and gives us hope that this season might not look so bleak.

Jon Snow is still dead and a few of his buddies are pissed. Ser Davos makes the initial discovery after hearing Jon’s direwolf freaking out. This luckily leads to a group composed of mostly Jon loyalist’s moving his body and keeping watch over it as they plan their next move. It’s rather unexpected and moving to have Davos at the helm of this ship, who has proven time and time again to be one of the most endearing character’s (Next to Arya and Tyrion, of course) in this grim battle for power in Westeros. The treachery behind Jon’s murder becomes Davos main resolve as he maps out the exit strategy, which culminates in Edd running off to get the wildlings and Davos holding off the new Lord Commander Thorne hell bent on extinguishing any remains from Jon’s and his insubordinates.

Sansa and Theon escape from Ramsay Bolton’s psychotic grips leads to one of the most promising, heartfelt and one funnier moments in this episode, let alone series. As Ramsay’s hunting party descends upon Sansa and Theon who comes rushing in, but Brienne and Podrick to rescue. Brienne kneels before Sansa pledging her allegiance to the young lady for a second (It was devastating last season to watch Brienne deliver her oath to Sansa, who viewed her as failure and joke. Redemption is something this show rarely offers, but in Brienne’s case we are given more hope than ever that there is order in this cruel universe), but this time Sansa accepts with help from Podrick in reciting her part of the oath.

Jamie returns from Dorne with Myrcella’s body giving Cersei another cosmic sign cementing the witch’s fortune will truly come to fruition. Jamie and Cersei began as two of the most despicable characters of the series, but over the course of five seasons humanity grew from these two. Incest aside, (Never thought I would have the opportunity to pair those two words together) the Brother and Sister partnership of the Lannister’s has resulted in more death and torture one could list in but a few volumes. Sometime ago, their threats of revenge would have sustenance that we truly feared for the safety of our beloved characters. They not the same imposing figures that once dominated the landscape of the series. Both have been beaten and made broken, providing them with humanity and struggle. Once fierce creatures now made neutered by their own doing. These Lannister Lions have been declawed making their menace look more like Dennis.

Food for Thought:


  • Ramsay is quite sentimental when it comes to his choice in dog food.

  • Roose Bolton has delivered on his promise of being one of the most heartless bastards of the North and usurping Ramsay from that title shows us you can never out-do your elders in repugnance.

  • Arya’s blind training for the House of Black and White continues be a story-line that leaves us in the dark just as much as she is.

  • Tyrion and Varys take a lovely stroll through Meereen only to discover how close the city is on the brink of collapse.

  • Daenerys asserts her power in order to protect herself but results in being made powerless on a whole other level. Making Jorah and Daario’s search for her ever more time sensitive.

  • Ellaira and The Sand Snakes make a matriarchal power move removing all the male heirs to the throne of Dorne. We all saw this coming and now it looks to hopefully pay-off in Lannister’s going head to head. Hopefully, the results will make up having sit through those dreadful Dorne story-lines.

  • Revealing Melisandre to be an old woman may not have been the greatest closer for this episode, but it asserts a tone the creator’s might be leaning towards. There’s no need for cliffhanger’s as we are in this for the long haul. By ending the episode on this note gives us hope that the show-runners are going to be subverting our assumptions of how this season will play out.

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Fred Yampolsky

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