Borderlands 3 Is Actually A Thing

This ain’t no place for the wicked but it’s a great place to learn about things that you love. For me it’s has to be one of my fav games Borderlands. Borderlands 3 is really happening and I couldn’t be happier. 

Now GearBox is unsure whether it will be Borderlands 3 or 4 but hey, just hearing it’s actually happening is really exciting as is. The new game will begin development right after Battleborn’s DLC is all wrapped up and ready to go. A lot was said during the Pax East panel this weekend and it has all of the Borderlands fans (including myself) all hyped and ready for more info. Gearbox also states that there will be some borderlands Easter eggs in the BattleBorn. Will it be from previous games? Or the newest one? Well I guess we’ll just have to find out.

Have you guys played Borderlands? And if so how was your experience? Who was your favorite character? Was it the sexy Mad Moxxi, the Explosive Mr. Torgue, The sassy, cute and deadly Tiny Tina or is it Steve with his “HEYOOOOO” well whoever it may be what are you expecting from the newest borderlands? I have my theory. Other than that, don’t forget to “Catch-A-Riiiiiiide” with us here at Geekphilia as we continue to give you updates on the latest!


Tifa Barreto

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