Matt Damon returns to the franchise that made him a household name and looks more battle-weary than ever before. Jason Bourne, the fourth entry of the franchise returns this summer with Paul Greengrass back in the director’s chair. His third outing with Damon and as the saying goes, “Third time’s a charm.” The film looks to deliver on his predecessor’s previous excursions, including a ridiculous car chase that has Bourne plowing through casino’s and traffic in what is most likely a stolen SWAT vehicle. Paul Greengrass, who took over the reigns from the film’s first director, Doug Liman, has maintained the shaky cam aesthetics that we have grown accustomed to in these films.

There’s plenty of hand to hand combat awaiting our rogue CIA assassin, who is once again looking for answers about which side he’s truly been working for. Veteran French actor, Vincent Cassel, (Ocean’s Twelve, Black Swan) is tasked with hunting down Bourne, which should lead to some great cat and mouse scenes, including the eventual showdown between the two. This whole endeavour is orchestrated under the watchful stoic eyes of Oscar Winner, Tommy Lee Jones, (The Fugitive, Men in Black) tasked with being the grizzled CIA Superior looking to take down Bourne once and for all.

Jason Bourne is scheduled to release July 29, 2016!


Fred Yampolsky

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