Dark Souls Board Game Kickstarter makes $1 Million within 24 Hours

Hold onto your great swords and get ready for this. The newly announced Dark Souls board game being made by tabletop game company steamforged has already broke records by making and surpassing  $ 1 Million dollars within 24 hours of the Kickstarter pledge. How cool is that? The Dark Souls series may be “over” so they say but with this board game, the adventure will never end. I think it’s a great way to keep the Souls fans on their feet and free to create their own adventure.

The board game will be a strategic action adventure RPG series with 1-4 player, totally complete with color-coded dice, a variety of cards, and amazingly detailed mini figures. You have character game pieces like Dragon Slayer Ornstein,  Executioner Smough and many more. I can’t wait to get my hands on this beauty but it’s gonna cost ya. The main pledge tier was set to about 113 souls (well you know dollars) plus the shipping fee. Over 10,000 Dark Souls fans already spent their Souls pre-ordering this piece of art and only more will continue to do so.

You have til may 16th to submit your pledge if you’re interested in this once in a life time board game. Is it worth it? I think it totally is and I think it’s a great way to keep fans entertained for a long time. So are you guys ready to take that pledge to get your copy? I mean you totally should. We wouldn’t want to see you go hallow or unkindled.


Tifa Barreto

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