Warning the following contains spoilers*

The Flash after a two week absence returned last night for one hell of an episode, both good and bad. We get a jam packed episode with several story-arch’s comprised into one hour of viewing. This may have been one of the most fast-paced episodes of the season so far, but not without its missteps.

We start with a back-story to this season’s villain, Zoom. Hunter Zolomon aka Zoom, was a young lad on Earth-2, who witnesses his mother being murdered by his father. With his father sent to prison and no relatives looking to claim responsibility for the boy. Young Zolomon is sent into the orphanage/ foster care system, which seems to have failed the poor kid (Looks like Earth-1 and Earth-2 have some things in common) turning him into a demented serial killer. After being caught, sentenced on 23 counts of murder (As Cisco put it, “That’s, like, some real Hannibal Lecter type level.”) to the insane asylum, not a coincidence he’s wearing a Hannibal Face-mask while being tortured via electroshock therapy. Coincidentally, during Earth-2’s particle accelerator explosion Zolomon becomes affected resulting in Earth-2’s Wells creating Zoom.

The latter half of that information is revealed through Earth-2’s Harrison Wells, who seemed to forget this critical information. (Heck! Even, Zolomon even had a podcast dedicated to him on Earth-2) All of this intel that came into fruition, when Caitlin finally mentioned the name, Hunter Zolomon, supposedly Jay’s Earth-1 doppelganger, while she was out frolicking with Jay (also Zoom) during their brief affair together. If that doesn’t seem contrived, we’re not even close to being contrived yet.

Why would Caitlin not go over all the events that occurred between her and Jay, since the revelation of Jay as Zoom? Was it pride? Possibly, her need to forget about her horrible time with that two-faced monster. Caitlin, who is not prone to being irrational as compared to Iris (And to a larger extent Laurel Lance from Arrow.) or other characters in the series comes as a bit of a shock. Same goes for Earth-2’s Harrison Wells, who can build a miniaturized version of a tachyon accelerator for Barry, but not connect the dots between an infamous homicidal maniac and an infamous homicidal speedster. How do two rather intelligent characters seem to forget or safe-guard such critical information? The world may never know, but the writers might.

Providing Zoom with a back-story might have been a misstep for enhancing the show’s current antagonist. Using  Zolomon/Zooms traumatic childhood experience, and upbringing through Earth-2’s troubled foster care system resulted in his transformation. Creating a reason or motivation in turn actually humanizes him and takes the mystery out of him. Revealing Zoom to be Jay, didn’t hamper our perspective of this all powerful speedster, (Let’s admit many of us knew Jay was Zoom from quite early on.) but fleshing out how evil incarnate came into being takes a sting out of the character’s bite.

Food for thought:

  • Making it clear from the get go that all the breaches are closed and could only be opened up by Cisco/Vibe. Yet, Zoom kidnaps Wally and imprisons him on his Earth-2 lair seems quite illogical and not consistent with the rules of dimensional portal manipulation. (Try saying that three times fast.)

  • Iris is in love with Barry, sigh. So see ya later tall, dark, and handsome editor guy who got introduced for no reason.

  • Cisco’s Star Wars explanation for not wanting to open a breach and turning into Vader is an interesting reference, as that’s how the prequel trilogy ruined Darth Vader by giving him a childhood and a lot, and I do mean a lot of unnecessary backstory. Sounds a little familiar, huh?



Fred Yampolsky

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