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During World War II, Captain America teamed up with Bucky Barnes, Namor the Sub-Mariner, the Human Torch android (not to be confused with Johnny Storm the Human Torch who came later) and his sidekick Toro to form the Invaders. Their first mission was to save Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of Great Britain; he would go on to give the team the name Invaders.

The Invaders were recruited to fight against the Axis powers and over the years of the war added members, Union Jack, his children Brian (the second Union Jack) and Jacqueline (Spitfire), Miss America, the Whizzer , Blazing Skull and the Silver Scorpion. The team disbanded and came back together a few times over the decades to battle new threats to their world.



Captain America was investigating a secret organization known as The Secret Empire when he discovered the leader was a government official. When Cap went to bring in the official, he committed suicide rather than get caught. Instead of revealing the truth, the government covered up everything that happened, even bringing in a double to take the place of the now deceased official. That was enough to push Steve Rogers over the edge and drop being Captain America to become Nomad. However, his stint doesn’t last long because the Red Skull kills the man Rogers tapped to carry the mantle of the Captain, forcing Stave Rogers to once again become Captain America.


Captain America Was Not An Original Member Of The Avengers

cap americaContrary to what has been portrayed in the movie universe, Captain America was not an original founding member of The Avengers but was given “honorary” founding member status. During a battle with Namor his frozen body was discovered by the original Avengers, Thor, Giant-Man(Antman), the Wasp, Ironman, and Hulk. The Hulk wasn’t present when Captain America was found because he had a falling out with the team so the Avengers gave Cap “founding member” status in the Hulk’s place. Although he wasn’t team leader initially, Cap would often give out orders on the battle field that were always followed because of the respect other members had for him and his extensive combat experience. After a hard fought battle with Baron Zemo, the original founding members wanted to take a break from fighting crime so the Captain took the reins for awhile. The members consisted of, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Hawkeye. The team wasn’t taken seriously initially until they proved themselves against several enemies including Doctor Doom and Kang the Conquerer.

Cap wields Mjolnir

Captain America God of Thunder

During a monstrous battle with the Serpent and Skadi, 7 magical hammers fall to Earth from Asgard and Captain America uses one of the hammers to destroy Skadi. The Serpent is an ancient Asgardian, he is Odin’s older brother and the god of fear who was banished to the bottom of the ocean by Odin, thousands of years ago. Skadi’s true name is Sin and she is the daughter of the Red Skull. The hammer of Skadi was discovered by Red Skull but he was unable to lift it and locked it away until a few decades later his daughter found it and was able to lift the hammer; turning her into Skadi, a disciple of the Serpent. Skadi frees Serpent who then reigns terror on the world and the Avengers must defeat him and his Worthy. After Skadi kills Bucky Barnes, Captain America picks up Mjolnir and uses it to defeat Skadi.

7 Different People Were Captain America (Earth-616)

Ok technically speaking there were 12 incarnations of Cap but only 7 were truly official so those are the ones this focuses on.

Steve Rogers

Steven Rogers

THE Captain America! After several attempts to enlist in the army during WWII and several rejections due to sickness and frailty, Steve finally got his chance. While pleading to an Army doctor to be allowed to enlist he was overheard by General Chester Phillips and the General offered the scrawny Rogers an opportunity to take part in Operation Rebirth. He was given the Super Soldier serum that would enhance all of his physical abilities and attributes and became the first and only success of the project, taking on the moniker, Captain America.

William Nasland

William Nasland

William Nasland was made Captain America by then U.S. President Harry S. Truman, after Captain America disappeared and was presumed dead. He was the second Captain America and the first replacement for Steve Rogers.

Jeffrey Mace

jeffrey Mace
Jeffrey Mace takes over the Captain after the death of William Nasland and holds the title until he retires.
Roscoe Simons 
roscoe simons
While Steve Rogers was operating as Nomad,  Simons took on the role of Captain America and was even given the shield by Rogers himself.  Simons also partnered with Falcon from time to time on a few adventures. His stint ended in death as he was killed by the Red Skull.
John Walker
John Walker
The U.S. Government strips Steve Rogers of the title Captain America and gives it to John Walker for a while.
James Buchanan Barnes (Bucky)
James Buchanan Barnes
Steve Rogers former sidekick and more recently known as Winter Soldier, James Buchanan Barnes, takes over as Captain America after Rogers dies during the Civil War series. Bucky dies during the return of Serpent, in the “Fear Itself” storyline and Steve Rogers resumes being Captain America.
Sam Wilson (Falcon)
sam wilson
After the Super Soldier serum is neutralized in Steve Rogers during a battle with Iron Nail, he asks Sam Wilson to take over as Captain America. Sam graciously accepts and holds the mantle down to this day.



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