Dark Souls III DLC Release Info

So how many times have you guys finished the game since its release on Tuesday April 12th? How about how many of you have had to buy new controllers since then from all the rage? Well no matter if you thought your journey was over and you’ve gotten all 3 endings and there’s nothing else to do well sorry to kick down your bonfire but you’re wrong.

The first DLC for Dark Souls III will be released this fall. The DLC will include new bosses, maps, armor sets and weapons (Oh so fun!). The second DLC doesn’t quite have a released dat yet but of course us here at Geekphilia will keep you posted. That being said you can purchase a season pass for both DLC’s for 25 bucks well…”souls” and you’ll receive both DLC once they’re released. From Software sure got us Darl Souls lovers totally wrapped around their fingers. They know what we love and what we want from Dark Souls.

So how far guys have you gotten in Dark Souls? Are you a Souls veteran? Are you a new comer? Is this your first Souls game? Let us know! We would love to read your comments! 


Tifa Barreto

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