Dark Souls 3 Prestige Edition At GameStop?

That’s right. You read that right. The Dark Souls 3 Prestige edition that was originally in Europe only was announced to be released in the states. Crazy right? We’re finally getting an epic collectors edition that Europe is getting but woah, woah hold the phone. If you read on Gamestop’s website you’ll see something that kind of throws off the excitement. This so called “Prestige Edition” isn’t so Prestige after all. Sadly you’ll only be getting the Lord of Cinder Statue. No game, no cloth map, no artbook or patches. Just the statue.

 I knew it was too good to be true. This Bad boy of a statue will cost you 399.99. Now don’t get me wrong it looks really epic and the collectors box it comes in is awesome as well but for this price you could buy 3 US Dark Soul’s 3 collectors edition bundles and have 3 Red Knoght statue’s guarding you while you sleep. Now here’s another catch. It’s a Gamestop Online exclusive ONLY. So you can’t walk into the store and ask for it. They may look at you and tell you to go back to your bonfire and read the fine print. So if you’re going to dish out the Souls for this you have to make sure you’re buying it online.

Dark Souls 3 is upon us and I can’t wait to see what it has in store for us! From Software hasn’t let us down yet and I’m sure they have a trick up their sleeves. Don’t forget to grab Dark Souls 3 on April 12th everyone and if not we’d hate to see you go Hallow…


Tifa Barreto

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