Telltales Games The Walking Dead: Michonne Miniseries ended episode 1 with Michonne being captured by Randall and his sister Norma, also with the death of Sam’s brother Greg.  Episode 2 starts right where episode 1 leaves off.  With the help of Zackery, Michonne and Sam escape from the room they were in on the boat but now they must recuse Pete.  Unfortunately, saving pete didn’t go as well as we would have liked but he could still be alright.  Check out what happens in the video below:

This episode was better than ‘In Too Deep’, we learned a lot more about Sam and her family.  We also learn more about Michonne by searching through her old apartment.  While escaping from the floating colony of Monroe, fans got to make Michonne’s infamous zombie leash as you walk through a herd while being chased by Randall and his men.  We got a little more action than before and got to be on the other side of the interrogations.   Next episode looks action packed as Norma may be coming to try and save her brother.


Chris McCall

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