Quantum Break comes out tomorrow, will you be part of few to unlock all the achievements.  Check out the list below:

Everybody Gather Around (30G) — Kill 3 enemies with a single Time Blast

Focus. Aim. Pull. (30G) — Get 10 headshots while using Dodge Focus

One Foot in Front of Another (30G) — Time Rush for a total of 100 meters

Person Space (30G) — Deflect 200 bullets with the Time Shield

Frozen Lead (30G) — Use Time Stop to stack a total of 1000 bullets

Break All Their Toys (20G) — Destroy 15 enemy chronon harnesses

Area Effect (15G) — Kill 15 enemies with environmental explosions.

Spreading Ripples (10G) — Watch a show episode with all of the Quantum Ripples unlocked

Chronon Surge (15G) — Upgrade a time power.

Maximum Effort (20G) — Fully upgrade all your time powers

Stop and Go (20G) — Fully upgrade Time Stop or Time Dodge

A Link to the Future (20G) — Locate one Quantum Ripple and one Intel Item

Knowledge Is Power (20G) — Locate all oof the Intel items

Time Master (30G) — Complete all of Quantum Break

Daylight Saving Time (30G) — Time Stop five minutes worth of accumulated time.

Tossing Stones in a Pond (20G) — You need to trigger all Quantum Ripples

Media Baron (20G) — You need to find all Emails, presentations, TV Shows, Radios, and Posters

Time Bandit (25G) — You need to complete the game on Easy Difficulty

Time Cop (40G) — You need to complete the game on Normal Difficulty

Time Lord (50G) — You need to complete the game on Hard Difficulty


Quantum Break comes out April 5, 2016!


Chris McCall

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