I’m sure everyone’s news feed are flooding with the news about Final Fantasy XV. It hasn’t been this bad since the Final Fantasy VII Remake news was annouced and let me tell you, my news feed was flooded for days and I loved every moment of it.  Now we’re not here to talk about how SquareEnix is slowly killing our wallets we’re here to talk about these editions. So let’s begin shall we?

Day One Edition of Final Fantasy XV : FINAL FANTASY series Masamune DLC weapon, Xbox Store Pre-order Incentives: Two Xbox One Avatars including Noctis Special Outfit and Carbuncle pet, PlayStation Store Pre-order Incentives: Dynamic PS4 theme for PlayStation 4 players. This is cost you 59.99. Not bad at all.


Deluxe Edition: Will include all of the  Day One Edition content plus an exclusive dual disc steelbook containing FINAL FANTASY XV and KINGSGLAIVE movie Blu-ray and Platinum Leviathan Regalia design and access to the Royal Raiment costume DLC. This will leave your wallet looking at itself in your mirror wondering where it went wrong with it’s life.

Now let’s talk about the big one. The one is I think is a must have.



Ultimate Collector’s Edition (Which is Available exclusively on the Square Enix Online Store): This includes All Deluxe Edition content plus exclusive disc steelbooks containing the Official FINAL FANTASY XV Blu-ray Soundtrack (featuring music from FINAL FANTASY XV, KINGSGLAIVE and BROTHERHOOD), BROTHERHOOD Blu-ray (containing an exclusive sixth episode), hard-cover artbook, an exclusive limited edition variant Noctis PLAY ARTS -KAI- action figure, and in-game item packs. This is have your wallet ascending into the lifestream leaving you paying 269.99. That’s pretty crazy but I think it’s totally worth.

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